My ‘Radical Technology’ talks are now online

I’ve been recently told that the very interesting Radical Technology Revisited conference held in London last September has now put all the talks online. I gave two talks, and so I’m very happy to give the links.

My first talk was called “Radical Communication Technology“. (View it as full screen or it cuts off the top of my head.) I was presenting a quick summary of a transition to a cooperative, sustainable society,  where we are with it now, and how communications technologies are one key to it. It lasted for about 10 minutes. I didn’t use slides but here are my notes as a one-page pdf:  RadTechTalk1Comms.

My second talk was called Green Growth: Contradiction or Necessity?   as part of a session called “Is small still beautiful?” I argue that if we mean by ‘green growth’  continued GDP growth that is somehow greener, that is indeed a contradiction, but if we mean ‘growth in the wellbeing of people and planet’, then it is a necessity, and it is growing now. The form that is becoming clearer is a cooperative society with environmental care at its heart. I list lots of starting points, and show very brief videos introducing three of them: Transition Network, Enspiral and Ecobasa. The talk lasts about 20 minutes. Here are my slides for the talk, as a pdf, which includes my presenter notes and clickable links for the video extracts.

Hope you like them. Let me know what you think.


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