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Cyprus: a test for different kinds of currency?

The Broken Euro Chris Cook spotted this interesting analysis of the situation in Cyprus by Frances Coppola.  There are now effectively two Euros, one for Cyprus and one for the rest of the Eurozone, because credit controls now in place … Continue reading

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A budget for sustainability and community

I listened to George Osborne’s budget and Ed Milliband’s reply with dismay, not that I expected anything else, and thought to myself, “What might I or people with similar ideas have done?”  So, here are some ideas, uncosted, and maybe … Continue reading

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Do the earliest mammals have lessons for sustainable societies?

It may seem surprising, but a statement in a recent article in New Scientist about early mammals who lived before the dinosaurs went extinct, gave me an insight into the problems facing those of us trying to create sustainable societies … Continue reading

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Welcome to EarthConnected!

This blog is part of a conversation with other people who want a radically changed culture. Are you working towards a practical collaborative sustainable way of living? Looking for ways to create an economy run not for financial gain but … Continue reading

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