Partnership for People and Planet

A world organised to serve the wellbeing of people and planet, not money and power!

The key is a new ‘killer app’, built around reputation for serving people and planet, as the heart of a mutual suppport and trading system. With it as the basis of a global network of local networks, it could be the catalyst to pull our movement together. It will strengthen us individually and collectively.

Read this to see why I have  come to believe that it is within reach: that we could make a significant start within 5 years leading to rapid growth, and then a tipping point so that by 2050 it could be approaching mainstream to the extent that mobile phones are now.

The pamphlet is short and a quick read. See what you think.

PDF version, 20 A5 pages: P3 Vision.v5.2up 

As A5 booklet for printing. Print double-sided, short edge binding: P3 Vision.v5 booklet

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