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Technology cannot tackle climate change

I came across this interesting post by Prof. Calvin Jones, in an unusual place, ClickonWales  (thanks to Pete Lipman). The idea is that large scale renewable energy projects for wave, tidal and wind power, while useful, are not a solution … Continue reading

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Help me support Ajudada in Portalegre, Portugal

[AJUDADA – YouTube video in Portuguese with English subtitles. To turn on subtitles, use the captions button, below centre right, while playing.] I am going to AJUDADA, in Portalegre, Portugal, 14 – 16th June, 2013, with hopes it will be … Continue reading

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‘No local’ – Can small scale change the world? Is it the alternative to capitalism?

No local: Why Small-Scale Alternatives Won’t Change the World, by Greg Sharzer, Zero Books, 2012. This post was stimulated by a review of this book by Michael Ware, on a website called Climate & Capitalism. It raises interesting points with … Continue reading

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