A SHARED SOCIAL VISION: my talk to Open:2018 Platform Coops conference

I gave a talk at the Open Coop event, “Open:2018 Platform Coops”on 27 July 2018 in Conway Hall, London.  The Open Coop has recently completed putting its various talks and workshops online, so I’ve linked mine below. I thought it was a great event, and recommend people look at various of the other parts of it too.

My talk was about 12 minutes long and then there are another 12 minutes or so of questions and answers. It included four polls of the audience to see how much the vision was actually shared. See how much you agree too!

Note that I used slides that built in stages, and you will see that the poor editor who tried to turn this into a coherent video struggled with that, but the audio is clear throughout.

Alternatively, here is the PowerPoint presentation. If you look at it in presenter mode you can see my speakers notes (here augumented for clarity) and the slide builds. Alternatively, here it is as a pdf, with notes, but no slide builds. Open2018 talk with comments(ppt)   Open2018 talk with comments (pdf) (Caution: both big files.)

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