Planetmakers Platform

For much of the past year I’ve been working on a major new project, which has gone through various incarnations and working titles. It started with my presentation to Open:2018, where I was proposing that we build the Open Coop’s long standing design for “PLANET – An open-source operating system for a collaborative, sustainable economy” on top of Holochain.  Then we discovered a €1 Million EU prize, Blockchains for Social Good, that seemed perfect to fund it. We put in an application for that prize on 2nd Sept 2019!

For a quick overview of the project look at our new website, (isn’t that a great URL?), and for a fuller description, download a copy of our EU Prize application (also found on the About page of the website).

We may or may not win the EU Prize, but applying for it has meant that the vision I’ve been writing about in eGaia, and Partnership for People and Planet now has a great start. We have a good team and a fine set of partner organisations working with us, and think we are in a strong position to get other funding should we not get the EU prize.

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