A New Common Sense

This little 3 minute video was first published in May, in the first lockdown. My hope is that it will be used as a starting point for group discussions, by groups looking to build a new kind of future, as the pandemic subsides.

Really, what is The new common sense?

I’m really proud of this video, love the graphics and all the little personal contributions. It was a group effort, that included various family members and close friends. The YouTube page says:

We hope this video will inspire you to think about what you would like to see happening after the pandemic. Add your own selfie and see others on our FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/52237… Also, for more information: https://planet.coop .

Created and produced by Gary Alexander, Madeline Lees, David Alexander and Daisy Lees. Graphics by Alex Brenchley. Special thanks to Maty Sene Carpenter, Anna Mudeka, Samira, Clive, Aicha, Sinder, Rama, Mimi, Arthur, Max, Jane, who all feature in the video. Thanks also to Vibha, Ali, Hamidou, AH, Renata, Keely, Dulcie, Sam, Basil, Jon and Angela.

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