Don’t ditch Corbyn

Corbyn did well in the referendum. Trying to sack him is just opportunism by the New Labour/Blairite faction, and is suicidal for the Labour Party.

Rather, the Labour Party should be jumping at the opportunity to sweep up the Leave and Remain voters with a new vision: People taking back control of their own lives, not just from a bureacratic EU, but a controlling Westminster, and especially from banks and big businesses.

Lead a partnership to set up an economy that really works, that serves people and planet, is controlled by local communities working collaboratively. Set up networks of co-operatives and ethical businesses, stabilised by public reputation, not wealth.

Help us enjoy the mixing of cultures that is sweeping the world. They are not a threat, if we work to serve each other, not compete with each other. You don’t need to be in power to do this, but it will put you in power.

Top tip: IT tools make this possible for the first time.

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  1. Tim Holt-Wilson says:

    Time to Tweet this !!!!


    New email:

    Please delete the Oonetel one.

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